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December 7, 2012

Duck Satay with Thai Chili Sauce

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think up new appetizers for holiday party fare. This idea for using duck rather than chicken in a grilled appetizer is new in that I just thought of it. I am sure many other clever cooks and caterers have thought of it too, and probably long ago.

I can tell you that this recipe is quick to fix, tasty, and a crowd pleaser. By removing the fatty skin, it can be low fat, too. Pair these tasty bites with a Thai chili sauce, mini egg rolls, and hot mustard. That’s a lot of flavor! If the day is temperate, grill them rare outside, cool them, and refrigerate. Finish them in a 350° oven just before guests arrive. Top with plenty of fresh chopped cilantro for a great, flavorful garnish.

Duck Satay

Duck Satay with Thai Chili Sauce
Laura Cabot, Laura Cabot Catering, Waldoboro

2 packages of frozen duck breast (2 breasts per package, 4 lobes = 8 lobes in total), defrosted in the fridge overnight. Remove the skin and cut into 4 long strips per lobe.

2 cups hoisin sauce
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon lemongrass paste
Dash of five spice powder, and black sesame seeds

Cilantro and Chili Sauce as garnishes
Short bamboo skewers, soaked overnight in water

Combine all ingredients to make the marinade and let duck strips soak in this mixture overnight.

Before grilling, thread the duck onto the drained bamboo skewers. Grill on medium hot, turning once. Do not overcook since we’ll be re-heating them in the oven. If you are able to grill them through to medium rare just before the party, this is optimal!

Arrange on a platter, place chili sauce in a small cup in the middle, and dust all with cilantro.


Serves 12 as an appetizer.

Laura Cabot is an MF&L columnist and blogger, a French trained chef with a long career as a chef/restaurant owner, and president of Laura Cabot Catering in Waldoboro.


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