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March 21, 2009

Scampi Lorenzo Appetizer: Chicken and Shrimp

This is a wonderful and impressive appetizer that we made many times in the restaurant at Las Bahias Resort on Vieques, Puerto Rico, where we both worked one winter. It was a huge success! In fact, many non-chicken lovers will be tempted to tell you this is the first time they have truly enjoyed chicken — keep your fingers crossed, they may even go so far as to tell you they love it!

Scampi Lorenzo
Maude’s Courtyard, Kennebunkport

4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
12 medium to large shrimp
Italian salad dressing
Lemon juice
3 fresh, medium garlic cloves
Fresh parsley
Capers (optional)

Pound out chicken breasts and cut into strips to make chicken tenders. Peel and devein uncooked shrimp. Wrap individual chicken strips around shrimp and hold with toothpicks. Marinate shrimp wrapped in chicken in Italian salad dressing overnight.

Saute butter, finely chopped garlic, and lemon juice (and capers, if using). Add shrimp/chicken and sear on high heat, constantly turning the shrimp. Transfer to grill and finish cooking. Arrange on a bed of lettuce and fresh cut lemon and sprinkle with fresh parsley.

Serves 4-6.


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