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January 23, 2009

The Ice Man Cometh to Serve Martinis

Nothing like a freezing night in January in Maine.  

In support of Share Our Strength, we attended the opening night of The Ice Bar at the Portland Harbor Hotel. Their courtyard was all decked out in ice, ice sculpture, that is.


One of Jeff Day's ice bar sculptures at the Portland Harbor Hotel Event

Some 1800 pounds of ice had been transformed by ice artist Jeff Day into three bars: one for beer, another for whiskey, and a third for vodka martinis.


Jeff Day with the large ice bar sculpture he created for the event

Armed with carpentry and masonry tools, Jeff had transformed a half dozen 300-pound blocks of solid ice into a cocktail lounge for Eskimos, or at least several hundred Mainers who braved the cold temps to enjoy Manhattans and martinis. Martini-5590

My blueberry vodka and cranberry juice martini was extraordinary and proved that a martini tastes infinitely better when made with vodka that has passed through a tube embedded in solid ice.

Emboldened by the icy drinks that warmed our spirits, we toasted, once again, the New Year and the open hearts of those who support a worthy cause even in the dead of winter.

Merrill Williams is the publisher of Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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