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October 24, 2008

Topless Waitresses at Rockland Lobster Day?

Driving down Main Street in Rockland this
morning, you could see a sign of the times. In a brassy move guaranteed to gather local attention, the menu board outside of the Brass Compass Cafe, open for breakfast and lunch, read “Topless Waitresses.”

In an attempt to warm up the chill in the local economy by drumming up
business with their attention-grabbing sign, The Brass Compass is warming things
up today, in anticipation of tomorrow’s Rockland Lobster Day event.

A brief phone call of inquiry by our Creative Director Jim prompted a walk down the street from our office to see for ourselves just what was going on down there. When asked how long the waitresses would be topless, Lynn laughed, “All day!!”

Lynn Archer, Proprietor, says “This community is fueled by a feeling of goodwill right now, coming together over the sharp drop in the local and national economy and the state of the lobster industry. It is so good to see everyone coming together.”

On Saturday, October 25 Rockland’s downtown and area businesses are showing their support for the local lobster industry. Rockland, the Lobster Capital of the World, is coming together with a “Lobster Give-Away and Raffle.” Enter a raffle for FREE at participating downtown Rockland businesses for a chance at winning 10 fresh local lobsters. Many businesses are running their own specials as well in honor of the event.

And that’s not all. Spruce Head Fishermen’s Co-op lobstermen will be at the New England Express convenience store at 191 Park Street in Rockland to sell fresh caught lobsters off their truck at $3.50 per pound.

Heidi Stevens of By George Jewelers has teamed up with Lynne Post of Andrus Flowers to pull this amazing show of support together. A list of participating business can be found in the Free Press.

And The Brass Compass, home of Rockland’s “topless” waitresses, will sell lobster rolls all day Saturday at cost!


The Brass Compass waitresses, from left: Lynn, Taylor, Joyce, and MaryLou.
Overheard in Rockland later this morning, “Will there be a Calendar for 2009?”

In other local economic bail-out attempts, Shepard Motors in Rockland is offering 10 free lobsters with every car sold, Cafe Miranda is striking up a special meal deal, and anyone who purchases jewelry at By George Jewelers on Saturday will receive between one and 10 lobsters as a thank you.

If ever there was a time to support everything local, it’s now.

And if ever there was a time I was especially proud to be a Mainer, it’s now.

Melanie Hyatt is an editor at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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