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October 27, 2008

Omega 3s to Your Health!

Nana just celebrated her 87th birthday in June. She is as sharp as a tack, doesn’t miss a beat, reads avidly, does mind puzzles, and enjoys going out and having a good time. She follows all the sports teams from baseball to hockey to football, reads the daily newspaper, and enjoys talking and debating current events and politics. She is cheerful and fun and one of the most beautiful women I know. And she has always had the most beautiful skin and hair.

I always love listening to my Nana talk of her childhood. I find it fascinating and always enlightening. I’ve heard her talk often about her routine before heading off to school every morning. It involved a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil administered by her mother as her version of a daily vitamin supplement for her children. And how they hated the taste of it! She still makes a face in remembrance of how nasty it was on the tongue. But every day she took it.

Recently, I have been reading and hearing a great deal about the benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids—you know—the good fats found in such foods as sardines and wild caught salmon. The benefits of Omega 3s have been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease and help with many other ailments.

I think Nana’s mother was on to something, ahead of her time.

I just discovered Omega Maine, a Maine company based in Rockport which sells quality Omega 3 Oils to benefit humans and their pets. Check them out. I heard they are making the taste a bit more pleasant, too.

Melanie Hyatt is an editor at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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