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September 15, 2008

Name That Tuna!

We have a couple of new friends here at the magazine. This summer, our
Creative Director decided we needed some more office excitement (like
there wasn’t enough already). So what did he do? He went to the Knox
County Humane Society and adopted not one, but two cats!

So, now that we are dodging chirping cat toys, playing with laser
mice, sweeping up fur balls, doing cat food brand taste tests and
refereeing wrestling matches as part of our daily routines.

We need
some help from you, the reader. (No, we’re not asking you to come in
and clean the litter box!) We’d just like your suggestions.

You see, one of the cats we’ve renamed Wolfgang (Wolfie). He’s an
adorable, gray 4 month old bundle of energy. The other, well…she
needs a new name. She came to us as 2-year old dainty
calico miss, having been named "Tuna Platter" by the Shelter folks. And we think she is far too pretty and sweet for such a
lame name. Please help us give her an appropriate new one!

Here is her photo…send us your ideas for her new designation. Make
it cool, make it original, and above all, help us make it more fitting!

She’s entitled to a new title…


Our lovely female cat, currently known as "Tuna Platter"

Melanie Hyatt is an editor at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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