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July 19, 2008

Favorite Food Find in Maine?

The staff at MF&L pondered this question at a recent end-of-the-day gab fest. We almost achieved consensus.

Jim Bazin: After sitting in Route 1 traffic in Wiscasset one too many times, I decided to find out why this was always happening to me and anyone else who had to cross the Wiscasset Bridge. I discovered the reason was this funny looking little shack named “Red’s Eats” that sits on the edge of town, just before the bridge. I parked my car and joined a very long line of people waiting for their turn to order what was billed as “the best lobster roll in Maine.” Guess what? It was. And it has been every time I’ve returned.


Lobster Roll from Red’s Eats in Wiscasset

There may be a comparable lobster roll out there somewhere, and I’ve sampled some very good ones over the years, but I’ve yet to find one with the enormous quantity of lobster AND the sweet freshness of the meat at Red’s. Please, PLEASE, do let me know if you’ve found something even close to this good.

Sean Chung: Earlier or later in the season when the crowds are not as fierce, The Dip Net
in Port Clyde is wonderful. Not only does their light batter almost
make me forget that I’m eating fry but the dockside seating with the
tang of salt air and the dark shiver of
trees in the distance always make me appreciate living here.

Katherine Emory: My favorite Maine food? Fiddleheads fixed any way, steamed with butter or sautéed in olive oil with a bit of garlic.

Melanie Hyatt: I am partial to Miller’s Lobster
in Spruce Head. I love that they catch the lobster practically as you
wait. Talk about fresh! They do lobster proud, and make me proud to be
a Mainer. It’s fun to sit on their deck or picnic tables and be as
messy as the job requires. My Nana and I salvage the lobster bodies
because she taught me to be adept at getting everything out of your

Melissa Leiter: Steamers at The Dip Net in Port Clyde. They are always the freshest and the cleanest.

Merrill Williams: As cliché as it is, the abundance of
seafood still impresses me. I love walking into Jess’s Market in Rockland
and finding lobster year round. Whether still alive in the salt water
tanks, or cooked whole in the shell, lobster is a delectable luxury
that is seemingly always available, and I am grateful that here in
Maine we are so blessed.

Thoughts from the staff at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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