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June 10, 2008

Staff Fave Summer Cocktails

Jim Bazin
: I pretty much have the liquor tastes of a 5-year-old.
If it’s not sweet, I usually
won’t drink it. One exception is Tanqueray & Tonic with a twist of lime. It’s a refreshing summer drink with enough natural sweetness to appeal to my biased sense of what a cocktail should be. But currently I will normally opt for a more sweetend flavor in a cocktail, such as a mojito or flavored martini, the more exotic the better. Recent faves I’ve discovered in Maine were a raspberry mojito and a key lime martini, (photo left) photographed just prior to sampling (what restraint!) at the Hartstone Inn in Camden. Another tasty drink was a Red Ruby Grapefruit martini at Cinque Terre in Portland (photo right).


Sean Chung: Allergic, I usually know better than to order anything with a proof. But when the sun and heat get the the better of me, a few sips of beer or prosecco (sadly) are fun – until the flush and discomfort set in.

Katherine Emory: Rum and Pineapple juice. This drink (along with Margaritas) spell warm, sunny and relaxing…

Melanie Hyatt: Tend to be more of a tea-totaler, as I found
out in college my tolerance has a high ceiling and I don’t make for a
cheap date (just kidding, really!)…but you could twist my arm for a
really good Cape-Codder in the summer. Cranberry juice is lovely and
refreshing with lots of crushed ice and a splash of Absolut.

Melissa Leiter: Sue-tinis. A family friend (Susan) created
this light and refreshing drink that’s parts vodka, sparkling water, a
splash of 100% pomegranate juice, and a slice of lemon and lime.

Merrill Williams: After a particularly grueling business
meeting in Manhattan a couple of years ago, I joined some colleagues at
a midtown Cuban restaurant that served fantastic seafood and
specialized in rum drinks. It was a very warm night in July, so we took
a table on the outside patio. I ordered a mojito and settled back to
enjoy the after-hours camaraderie and the night skyline. The
combination of rum, sugar, lime, sparkling water and muddled mint was
so refreshing. That drink has become my favorite summer cocktail. I
can’t resist ordering one when I’m feeling festive on a  warm summer

Thoughts from the staff at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.


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