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June 9, 2008

First Light of a New Day (A Journal Entry)

5:21—5:42 a.m.

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! Another Trade Winds Dawn! Welcome to the first light of a New Day across Rockland Harbor and Penobscot Bay! From that thin, soft, dull, blue band of distant islands laying at the edge of the horizon, light, soft pink-beige slowly fades to bands of softer yellow with gentle blue-gray overhead. Today a long streak of gray trails across the sky from south to north with feathery streamers from west to east lit underneath by warm pinks. A distant contrail is illuminated from below the horizon. Bands of stratified moisture start to glow a delicate, sky-blue pink. The contrail expands in shape, scope, and color. It’s a brand new day! The thin sliver of very light blue is Cadillac Mountain protruding skyward beyond Webster Head on North Haven. The clouds take on a three-dimensional quality.

The sky is more complex now—layers and layers of light grays. A
red-orange line of neon appears over Webster Head and as fast as I
write these words it shifts from an intense line to a half-globe shape.
High in the sky, whitish puffballs and bands are bottom lit against a
high sky gray. The full round ball of fire burns a hole in my eye,
scattering round purple spots across the window that bounce around in
space between my eyes and this white paper. The high cloud shapes
expand and change forms rapidly.

The now yellow ball is well above the horizon. Golden light is
sprinkled in a line across the sparkling water waves. Its light expands
across the water’s surface as the ball gets higher. It’s a brand new
day. Full of light and hope.

Eric Hopkins is a Maine artist with a studio in Rockland.


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