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April 23, 2008

Spring Time at the Blaine House

Greetings to all those gardeners of Maine. I’m writing this post while the outside temperature nears 75 degrees in Augusta on April 23. I’m wondering if our strange weather is an affirmation of “Global Warming” or just the cycles of nature’s weather patterns. I think we’ve by-passed spring and sprinted into summer. The crocus have blossomed, the daffodils and jonquils are showing their best yellows, and the tulips are waiting to show off their buds. The magnolia trees are blooming with their fragrant white flowers. The mourning doves are cooing, the robins are searching for earth worms, and the chickadees are raiding the bird feeder. I just love the sounds, smells, and feeling of spring in Maine.

I started seed back in February in the green house here at the Blaine House. At this point I may be running out of room. My peas are in and up (about 1-2 inches). The radishes (planted with carrots) are poking through also. Last fall’s garlic is making the scene. I’ve just transplanted mustard spinach and collard greens to join them. Raised beds are a must for growers in Maine. The cold frame is full of the cool-loving crops waiting to be planted in the garden. The logical question is “when is the last frost?”

The beds are weeded. The garden is ready. I’m watching the night time lows to stay above freezing.

I’ll keep you updated with the Blaine House Garden Calendar. In the meantime it’s time to get growing!

Karen Baldacci is the First Lady of Maine.


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